Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Watch the trailer and give the Spanish word for the title of the film (I bet you've seen it!) Become the master of physical description afterwards by clicking below. Good luck!

Mirá los avances y danos la versión latinoamericana para el título de este film (seguro lo vieron!). Luego, dominá el arte de la descripción física con el ejercicio Face Match. Suerte!


  1. I haven´t seen that movie. I know the actors and Nicolas Cage is my favourite, he is an old bautiful man like George Cloney.
    A title in spanish? Luchando con mis dos yo!
    Well I don´t know I`m a little confuse. But It´s really good the introduction to the movie.

  2. I guess so. I've seen it twice and I like the director's work and photography. The story is Harry Potter-like... The neverending fight between good and evil.