Thursday, 10 September 2009

Charlie (...) me...

Hi there! Here's an easy question: what's the past form of the verb "BITE"? Its past participle form is "BITTEN" and it follows the same pattern of change to verbs like "WRITE" or "RIDE". Answer the question by watching this sweet siblings fight. After that, list other verbs with this change pattern (WRITE, WROTE, WRITTEN)...

Pregunta fácil: ¿cuál es el pasado del verbo "BITE"? Su participio es "BITTEN" y sigue el patrón de cambio de verbos como "WRITE" or "RIDE". Respondamos la pregunta mirando esta tierna pelea de hermanos. Tarea: en los comentarios, listemos verbos con el patrón WRITE, WROTE, WRITTEN...

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Why is he lying there?

A popular song by the Brit-pop band Radiohead. Watch the video and give us your opinion... Why is the man lying in the middle of the pavement? (Go to fullscreen for better view of subtitles)

Un hit conocido de la banda Brit-pop Radiohead. Mirá el video y danos tu opinión: ¿qué hace ese hombre tirado en plena calle?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Watch the trailer and give the Spanish word for the title of the film (I bet you've seen it!) Become the master of physical description afterwards by clicking below. Good luck!

Mirá los avances y danos la versión latinoamericana para el título de este film (seguro lo vieron!). Luego, dominá el arte de la descripción física con el ejercicio Face Match. Suerte!

Monday, 17 August 2009


Homeless people are those having no home. The ending 'less' means "without" ("sin") + the meaning of the adjective: jobless = without a job (sin trabajo), homeless = without a home (sin hogar). The suggested video below was shot on a cell phone, and it's about our attitude to the homeless we see everyday on the streets of our city. The author, Jason van Genderen, won the Tropfest NY (a short films festival) 2008 award for this work.

Below the video, there's the complete script and the translation of some key words.

place: lugar
measure: medir
empathy: empatía
to look away: mirar hacia otro lado
with no standing: sin posición o prestigio
blind: ciego/a
indulge: satisfacer; consentir
successful: exitoso/a
art of hearing: arte de oír
mankind: humanidad
island: isla

This story is about two cities
Divided by a great ocean
United by hope, hunger
Through your eyes our city is famous, happy
You can feel the love, love, love, love (I love Sidney, I Love NY)
But what is it we love today?
Do we love the people or the place?
Do we measure empathy by donations?
I walk by you today, I always look away
Well worn boots with no standing, no standing, no standing
Do you reason with your condition?
Our city says “we’ll look after you”
Your very own family turn blind
when did you last see your dad, boys, mother, brothers?
No fortune to indulge
No sunflower, no rainbow, no successful life
I walk by you today, I did not look away (a story around every corner)
The gentle art of hearing your truth, your thinking, your inner spirit
No different to me...
Mankind is no island

Saturday, 8 August 2009

You can...

Moving commercial for Pantene. Read the subtitles and follow the story (go to fullscreen mode for better view)...